Moog Analog Synth Samples Akai Akp & Wav Formats



221 Samples, 138 Patches

Professionally recorded and keymapped samples of the legendary synthesizers: Moog, Micro Moog, Memory Moog, Taurus, Rez, Moog Bass, and more!

The Moog is a classic in rock, r&b and hip hop. From David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs to P Funk’s reign of the 70’s and Dr Dre’s classic Chronic album, the Moog was there and on countless other timeless records. Phat, deep bass, funky high pitched squealing leads, this is the Moog.

Sounds are keymapped and ready for play. Raw Wav format samples are also provided allowing you to load these samples directly into your MPC, Triton, Motif, Fantom or favorite production machine/software such as ProTools, Ableton Live, Fruity Loops, Logic Pro, Reaper, Cubase, etc..


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