Hip Hop Breaks Drum Loops REX Format



Hip Hop Breakbeat Drums

70 Loops (32mb), CD Quality Audio

Hip Hop Breaks REX Instant Download

You won’t find any drum machine programming here. These drum loop breakbeats have been ripped off vinyl records and arranged for REX format. Drum breaks great for anything from bangin’ in the club to providing that soulful sound often associated with the East Coast… Chop them up and you have the modern Gnarls Barkley sound… Loop them up and you’ve got that classic hip hop sound… Speed them up and you have the foundation of many techno hits! These 70 drum loops make a great place to start if you’re getting into hip hop production, as well as a great addition to any break collection. We’ve got it all covered here.

Sounds are provided in crisp, CD quality REX format, ready to load into Propellerheads Reason Dr Rex, Ableton Live 7 or any version after, ProTools 7 or any version after, Cubase, or any other program compatible with the REX format!

With REX format, YOU control the tempo, and even the drum pattern!

70 drum loops, 32mb of data

Nothing but the hottest studio quality sounds, ready for commercial use.


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