Ethnic Sounds African Asian Indian EXS24 Format



The Sounds of Asia, Africa and India keymapped and ready for play in your Logic/EXS 24 sampler! (Wav format of all sounds also included for compatibility with most music equipment and programs on the market today.)

More than 3,000 Samples (690 mb of high quality sounds)

Authentic Samples From All Over The World


* African Choirs
* Asian Vocals
* Tabla
* Pipa Phrases
* Tampura
* Chinese Violin
* Jakay
* Khlui Flute
* Asian Loops
* African Crowds
* Sitar
* Thai Diva Vocals
* Veena
* Ban-Di Flute
* Asian Atmosphere (Monks, Old Ladies, Street Sounds, etc)
* Indian Percussion and Melodic Loops Categorized By Tempo
* Reed Pipe
* Many Forms Of African Percussion Including Stomping, Hand Drums, Dancing Bells, etc
* Indian Drums
* Kalimbas
* Clave, Blocks, Logs, etc
* Talk Drums
* Mouthbow
* African Loops
* Pungi Riffs
* Indian Ambience
* Guzhen
* Tibet Brass
* Clayflute
* Bell Bala
* African Xylophones
* Dumbeks
* Shell Hits
* Metal Fx
* Indian Bass
* Chinese Percussion
And many more! (Too many sounds to list!)

Wav format also included for compatibility with: Reason, Fruity Loops, Korg Triton, Roland Fantom, Yamaha Motif, Akai MPC, ASR X and most of the music software and equipment on the market today.


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